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    by Retrac

    RETRAC 409925 HighRise Folding Rear Entry Step (Fits 5", 6-1/2", 7-1/2" Bumpers)

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    Part #409925 The HighRise™ folding rear entry step is an innovative accessory for semi trailers, box trucks and flat decks. It provides safer, easier access to the rear cargo area, featuring grated steel, high-traction treads. This model easily bolts onto a 5" rectangular bumper or 6-1/2" or 7-1/2" rectangular bumper with a V-front (wheel side). It also has an auto-stowing design to prevent the step from being damaged when backing up.

    For purchase options in Canada, please visit www.powerpin.ca or call POWERPIN INC. at 306.332.5034 for more information.

    • Greatly enhances safety for climbing in and out of the trailer or cargo area
    • Ergonomic design reduces strain and promotes worker health and wellness
    • Easier rear access increases speed and efficiency on the job
    • Fits 5" rectangular bumpers and 6-1/2" or 7-1/2" rectangular bumpers with a V-front
    • Auto-stowing polyurethane roller mechanism prevents damage when backing up
    • Counter-balanced design keeps step in stowed position during travel
    • Grated steps provide exceptional traction, even when wet
    • 600-pound work load limit
    • High-strength 7-gauge steel construction
    • Quick, easy, 4-bolt installation in minutes
    • Assembled in the USA (may include imported hardware)
    • Minimum pocket size 12.8" wide x 12.75" deep from the back of the bumper in stored position (17.63" needed from bottom of bumper to deck; 3.5" ground clearance required below bumper)

       *As vehicle / trailer heights may vary, it is recommended that the operator / installer review for proper ground clearance.

    SKU 409925