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    Freightliner Fuel Cap Cascadia 1/4 Turn Non Locking FTA-C-92

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    Product Features

    • One Freightliner Fuel Cap 
    • Freightliner Cascadia cap compatible 03-37017-000
    • Freightliner fuel caps made in America
    • Push and 1/4 turn style cap
    • 220 Degree Fahrenheit Thermal Relief
    • Fuel Cap ID of 3 1/2" (check sizing before purchase)
    • Only will work on Freightliner trucks
    • 8.0" Chain & 6.5" Bail
    • Part#FTA-C-92

    Product Description:

    This fuel cap is for Freightliner trucks and is compatible with the Freightliner Cascadia part number 03-37017-000. This American-made fuel cap features a convenient push and 1/4 turn style for easy access. In addition, the fuel cap has a 220 Degree Fahrenheit Thermal Relief for safety and a Fuel Cap ID of 3 1/2" (make sure to check the sizing before purchasing). The cap comes with an 8.0" Chain & 6.5" Bail, and it is a reliable and durable solution for your Freightliner truck's fuel tank needs. The part number for this fuel cap is FTA-C-92. 

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    Cross Reference

    Name Part Number Notes
    Freightliner 03-34466-000
    Freightliner 03-37017-000
    Freightliner 0334466000
    Freightliner 0337017000
    Freightliner A03-25798-000
    Freightliner A0325798000
    Velvac 600148
    SKU FTA-C-92