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    11K6-91451 Hyundai Construction Air Filter Fresh

    Original price $49.95 - Original price $49.95
    Original price
    $49.95 - $49.95
    Current price $49.95

    Product Details

    • Hyundai Construction Air Filter
    • Part number 11K6-91451
    • HCE air filter fits many units

    Product Description

    This is an OEM Hyundai Construction Equipment air filter for use on select models. This is one air filter part number 11K6-91451. We highly recommend checking the part number on your old filter or email our team to verify if it is correct for your vehicle. 

    Compatible Part Numbers

    • 11K6-91451-P
    • 71LM-00290
    • 71LM-00290-P

    Hyundai Construction Models 

    HX220L(INDIA), HW140A, HW150A CR, HW155A / HW165A HW160A, HW170A CR, HW210A, HX140A L, HX140L T3, HX160A L / HX180A L, HX220A L ,HX210A L / HX210A NL, HX220L T3, HX260A L HX260L T3, HX300A L, HX300L T3, HX330A L / HX350A L, HX350L T3 HX380A L, HX400L T3, HX480A L, HX500L T3, HX520A L, HX520L T3, HX360L(INDIA), HX380L(INDIA), HW145 / HW145+, HX140, HX140 L, HX140 LC, HW140, HW160 L, HW160, HX180 L, HW180, HX220, HX220 L, HX220 NL, HW210, HX225S L, HX260 L, HX300S L , HX300S L(#1001~), HX340S L, HX330 L, HX380, HX380 L HX480, HX480 L, HX520, HX520 L, WX140E, WX155ESR, WX160E, WX175ESR, WX210E, HX300, HX300 L, HX330S L, HX430L ,HX480SL ,HX520SL, HX900, HX900 L
    SKU 11K6-91451