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  • Kenworth Fuel Cap FTA-C-442 Crosses to K22-1024
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    Kenworth Fuel Cap FTA-C-442 Crosses to K22-1024

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    Product Details

    • One Kenworth Fuel Cap
    • It comes with Kenworth fuel cap gasket 
    • Part# FTA-C-442
    • American-made by the brand Fuel Tank Accessories
    • Designed for use on LOW SULFUR DIESEL and ULTRA LOW SULFUR tanks
    • The fuel Cap is not Vented
    • This cap has a special thread and will only work on Kenworth Tanks
    • 8.0" Chain & 6.5" Bail 
    • The ID of cap 3.375."
    • Compatible with Kenworth K22-1024
    • Most common Kenworth cap

    Click here for a locking Kenworth fuel cap!

    Product Description

    The Kenworth Fuel Cap part#FTA-C-442 by Fuel Tank Accessories is a high-quality replacement for the Kenworth OEM part#K22-1024. This fuel cap is designed to fit almost all Kenworth semi-trucks and is made in the USA by Fuel Tank Accessories. The not vented fuel cap is for use with LOW-SULFUR DIESEL and ULTRA LOW-SULFUR tanks. This cap must be used on a vented fuel tank for proper function. It has a unique thread that only works with Kenworth tanks and comes with a fuel cap gasket. The fuel cap has an ID of 3.375" and comes equipped with an 8.0" chain and 6.5" bail.


    Cross Reference

    Name Part Number Notes
    Kenworth K22-1024 Fuel Cap 3in-5.5 TPI Special
    Kenworth K221024 Fuel Cap 3in-5.5 TPI Special


     Product Specs

    • Most common Kenworth fuel tank cap
    • For use with a vented fuel tank
    • nonlocking
    • made of aluminum
    • The ID of cap 3.375."
    • 5.5 NS thread pitch
    • Solid Build
    • 8" Chain
    • 6.5" Bail


    SKU FTA-C-442